Using gamification to help young people build job skills

- WeTechCare, a subsidiary of Emmaüs Connect -

Using gamification to help young people build job skills

The challenge

Redefine the job hunting experience for a disengaged and unemployed youth that is often mobile savvy but lacks professional skills and access to employment opportunities.

WeTechCare is a subsidiary of Emmaüs Connect, an association whose mission is helping those in distress develop their digital potential. Their goal: to help disadvantaged youth better navigate the employment market.

They wanted to create a unique platform that would be intuitive and informative. At the same time, they wanted to allow advisors to maintain close, warm relationships with each of their assigned youth cases.

Working closely with stakeholders, we deployed an agile team of strategists, designers and developers along with a Product Owner, BA and PM to deliver the concept, prototype and ongoing development.



The opportunity

More than a learning platform

Providing youth with digital skills is a key component of WeTechCare's mission. Digital literacy is a modern day must-have but with the platform, we wanted to go even further and combine digital know-how with the "soft skills" employers are looking for: problem solving, inquisitive thinking and collaboration. They key was to create a service that would provide users both of these skill sets in one streamlined platform. 


Backelite helped us through the entire project, from conception to creation. With their strong expertise in UX and development, we have been able to conceive a web service that meets both youth and coaches' needs.

- Crécilia Creuzet, Development Director at WeTechCare

  • 87% of youth reported loving the site during beta tests
  • 80% of youth reported learning meaningful skills
  • 73% of youth found the platform motivating

Our approach


For our digital natives, Facebook is the internet, emails are in SMS form and mobile reigns king over desktop usage.

Bring teams together while remaining user-focused

We started with a thorough understanding of both user groups, their needs and habits.

By using an iterative approach, we compiled a multidisciplinary team of researchers, designers and product strategists to conduct user interviews, user tests, and co-creative workshops.

This extensive user research unearthed insights about the digital natives that were key to the choice of platform and experience we wanted to build.  


Our experience brief

The key guiding principles we use to drive our digital solution design approach

  • 1 #SIMPLIFY Our youth is used to instant, quick and short. From messaging to Facebooking: for them digesting information must be easy to get and easy to grasp.
  • 2 #GUIDING Guidance and assistance throughout the process was one of the key insights gleaned during our research phase. A directive design was key to a successful platform.
  • 3 #PLAYFUL Small challenges and a sense of achievement was essential to keep our target engaged throughout the process.

The result

Turning job hunting into a fun, addictive activity

Our answer was threefold. For the youth, we delivered a responsive website that was built on gamification principles to grab and keep their attention, and a mobile app to allow them to train and track progress on the go. For the coaches, we designed a solution to ease their workload and give them a simple way to keep in contact with the youth whilst guiding them and providing feedback.

The gaming elements are key to keeping them engaged with the process and keep them coming back to the platform over and over again. The “always learning” approach not only arms youth with professional skills, but also reward them when they complete educational modules.

We used an agile methodology, user-centric design, and development and content strategy to deliver the project

Through close collaboration, the team created meaningful experiences directly in code, saving time-consuming development cycles. 

Social as a driving force to engage users

Social sharing options are integrated across the platform to address youth’s social savvy nature and also help promote the platform organically. These educational modules range from interview tips, a résumé generator tool, and customized advice from employment coaches. The simplified access to resources enabled youth to be more independent, thus allowing the coaches to more easily handle high volumes of caseloads while keeping in touch via the messaging system.



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