Simplifying asset management in oil and gas

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Simplifying asset management in oil and gas

The challenge

TracID was seeking a way to make their revolutionary RFID technology easy-to-use.

The oil and gas industry’s complex equipment involves thousands of different parts that need to be managed, tracked and controlled to ensure the best possible results. The complexity of the material checking over time often means that customers do not focus on the upstream and have a lot of difficulty evaluating essential operations.

TracID uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and implants chips to easily track the lifecycle of drill pipes. They were looking for a way to make their cutting edge technology accessible and simple for all parties to use, with the aim of improving their clients’ business operations.

The opportunity

Seamlessly track the location and lifecycle of thousands of individual equipment pieces.

The oil and gas industry relies fundamentally on correct information being communicated across all areas of operations. Yet, many companies struggle to gain full control of all their assets. A lack of asset control can result in increased costs, as available resources are not not utilized to their full potential.

We saw this as the opportunity to harness the power of TracID’s revolutionary technology into an easy-to-use and beautiful digital service, promoting streamlined operations and growth across organizations.  

We designed a platform that would bring the power of total asset control to one’s fingertips while making it ultra simple to use.

TracID has won several new contracts based on the new TracASSET solution, among these are Gulf Drilling International and Saudi Aramco. The improved mobile and desktop user experience has resulted in TracID gathering increased momentum and positive reputation in the market. - Kjetil Hansen, TracID Project Product Owner

  • Won New business thanks to TracASSET
  • 2 Major international customers
  • Sold TracID was acquired by global oil service company NOV Tuboscope

Our approach


Empathy for the users unlocks the secrets to designing a service that will be adopted from the bottom up.

As the TracASSET would be used across organizations by various people, we knew the key to a successful design would be a deep understanding of end users and their daily routines and needs.

We began by going to the users in the field, visiting them repeatedly in various yards to do ethnographic field research. Experiencing users’ day-to-days allowed us to clearly see how the asset control process worked so that we were better able to improve it.

Each design decision was backed by concrete user convictions and business objectives, ensuring it would deliver powerful bottom line results to our clients.


Our experience brief

The key guiding principles we use to drive our digital solution design approach

  • 1 #USEFUL In-depth ethnographic research helped us fully understand users’ needs so we could build the right products.
  • 2 #FOCUSED Features like the scanning assets on a mobile device and monitoring and reporting on a desktop computer developed from prototyping and testing early and often.
  • 3 #SMART We used data as a primary force and its visualization helped us detect the inefficiencies hidden in the patterns and anomalies.

The result

Total asset control, anytime, anywhere

As the world’s first total asset control platform, TracASSET revolutionizes operations in the oil and gas industry. For the first time, professionals can completely control their stock assets, and identify, change status, ship, inspect their stock anytime, anywhere.

The sweeping success of TracID’s technologies and TracASSET led to an acquisition by National Oilwell Varco (NOV), incorporating TracASSET into the Tuboscope™ product line.

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