Optimization of the website’s user paths and performance

Make an indispensable website

Legrand is a worldwide leader in mechanisms and supplies for electrical installations.

In 2015, the Legrand, the Backelite and Capgemini Consulting teams worked together to redesign the website.

Two years later, Backelite was approached again for its expertise in digital strategy. This time, the aim was to identify how to improve the client paths, from the research to the product page. These improvements were made in order to strengthen the brand’s engagement of its customers.

A client involved at each step

In order to stay in line with the strategy, we made all IT, marketing and communication teams participate in exchange workshops. This helped us always keep the client’s objectives in mind.

  • 6-week
  • 3
  • 20 people
    interviewed during user tests

Thanks to the user tests, we've been able to precisely identify the needs and expectations. We can now prioritize our evolutions and reinforce our internal decisions.

Bruno Guérin
Digital Project Manager at Legrand

User research, functional audit and competition benchmark

In order to identify functional optimization and axis for enrichment, the Design Strategy team relied on:

- use and needs of professional and private users,
- a functional and ergonomic audit of the Legrand website,
- a benchmark of direct and indirect competition.

  • 1
    User vision

    Two profiles were used all along our analysis to cover 100% of the final users’ needs.

  • 2
    Expert vision

    A functional audit and a quantitative data analysis of the navigation was carried out.

  • 3
    Market vision

    A complete analysis of the competition was made in order to identify missing features.

The result:
strategy recommendations to implement

Thanks to the three visions (user, expert and market), we delivered recommendations to help Legrand reach its digital strategy:

- value products,
- spur individual persons to buy,
- adapt services and information for professionals.

We provided a backlog of functionalities to prioritize. This way, Legrand has been able to optimize the user paths as soon as the mission driven by Backelite came to an end.