LCL "Mes comptes"

Redesigning the mobile
banking experience

Becoming a mobile first bank

LCL is a French retail bank with 6.5 million individual and professional customers. They came to us to deliver a first-class mobile banking experience to their customers.

Since 2015, we've invested in customer experience and used design to think about what makes a bank truly mobile. By using a multidisciplinary team of experts, we rebuilt the app from the ground up.

Rethinking the mobile banking experience

Banking apps are oftentimes the first apps that people open each morning and the last they look at before falling asleep. Yet despite such intimate usage, many traditional banks deliver sterile, impersonal experiences.

It was a chance to not only rethink the ergonomics of banking, but also design for a more personal experience.

  • 3,8
    average rating in both App Store & Google Play
  • 2M
    million downloads in France

Backelite rethought our application around our clients' most requested wants and needs, while guaranteeing an intuitive design and ensuring an optimal user experience.

Jean-Pierre Bessy
Internet and Mobile Development Manager

Deliver modern aesthetics, built upon user's needs

By analyzing these needs, we designed elegant and intuitive ergonomics. Using an agile methodology with LCL's teams, we worked from conception through development. Each step of the way, we prototyped and tested the app to ensure that it remained focused on users' needs.

  • 1

    Design ergonomics that would seamlessly guide users across various demographic groups.

  • 2

    Craft a visual that inspires and adapts to users' needs.

  • 3

    Quick access to the information : balances, transfers and messaging with bank agents.

The result: a playful and intuitive banking experience

A smartphone and smartwatch app that is effortless to use, designed around users' key needs. Subtle animations guide users from one screen to another with ease, enhancing the fluid navigation.

Distinguishing features allow users to access the most important information quickly and easily, such as showing a snapshot of an account balance without requiring them to login first.

A pop of color, and a unique UI that evolves throughout the day add special touches that delight.