Infusing innovation into a loyalty program

- The Star Hotels, Australia’s premier place to play -

Infusing innovation into a loyalty program

The challenge

Optimize a paper-based loyalty program with the help of new technologies.

Backelite partnered with The Star Entertainment Group to create iOS and Android apps for their casino, hotel and entertainment venues. The Star was going through a period of change and significant growth with upcoming threats in the competitive landscape and a customer loyalty program that was completely paper-based. Our mission was to bring The Star properties and their loyalty program into the digital domain. Our team of designers and developers worked closely with the client to deliver a state of the art experience on mobile.

The opportunity

Infuse a loyalty program with innovation.

Loyalty programs are big business, but the young, digitally-savvy crowd and OTA competition have upset the hotel bookings landscape, and hotels can no longer take customers for granted. Understanding users' needs is the key to winning the conversion battle.

Our approach

Rapid prototyping for a harmonious user experience

Our iterative approach ensured constant alignment during the parallel development of iOS, Android, web and kiosk applications. This resulted in a consistent and predictable customer experience regardless of platform. Embracing an Agile methodology from concept to delivery and rapid prototyping at every stage enabled the multiple streams of work to march to one beat and resulted in a seamless user experience.

Our experience brief

The key guiding principles we use to drive our digital solution design approach

  • 1 #FAST Mobile users expect instant, quick, short interactions. From messaging to Facebooking – for them to digest information, it has to be easy to get and easy to grasp.
  • 2 #CONSISTENT Consistency separates a haphazard experience from a polished one. Customers want a predictable seamless experience, not just within the app, but across all interactions.
  • 3 #FOCUSED Don’t get distracted by features that are unlikely to be used on a mobile. Know what users are trying to accomplish and focus on their key goals.

The result

A loyalty platform for the future

Visitors to The Star entertainment venues are now using the mobile app to discover events and promotions, book hotel rooms, restaurants and access their loyalty rewards. The app lays the foundation for The Star to build relationships and deliver more personal experiences for visitors to their venue.

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