French Ministry of the Armed Forces

Simplifying support services for soldiers being deployed

Streamline the complex processes

Each year, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces sends a large number of soldiers abroad. Today, a soldier must go through 120 different services while preparing for a single overseas operation. Their goal is to streamline the procedure.

This complicated administrative process is a cause of dissatisfaction in the French military. The French Ministry of the Armed Forces wanted to simplify the organization of their departure. In addition, they wanted to ensure that all necessary paperwork was completed on time so that soldiers would not be delayed in starting their missions.

Transform bureaucracy with design thinking

As a government agency, the Ministry of the Armed Forces involves many different departments and stakeholders. We saw this as an opportunity to infuse a new way of thinking and co-creating regarding traditional bureaucratic processes.

  • 5
    days to build a functional prototype for the platform
  • 40
    participants from Military, Capgemini Consulting and Backelite
  • 120
    different services in the final prototype

We worked together on the prototype from the perspective of the end user, the soldier, while keeping in mind the distinctive challenges linked to military personnel. It was a wonderful, humane experience and a great project that was accomplished in an extremely limited timeframe.

Colonel Bertrand Sansu

Focus on the soldier

We started the 5-day design sprint by "forgetting" the military rank and uniting soldiers from the three armed forces, military personnel and Capgemini Consulting. This allowed us to understand both soldiers' needs and blocking points as well as what is required by administration.

By designing and approving the portal in real time, we were able to quickly create a functional prototype that everyone could agree upon.

  • 1

    We wanted the platform to clarify the tasks related to the external operations

  • 2

    It was essential that the various contents from all services were centralized and well-organized

  • 3

    To keep soldiers on track with the tight schedule, they needed all deadlines to be organized

A centralized platform that brings soldiers and military support closer

After 5 days, we released a live prototype: Ulysse.
Its pared-down interface and streamlined content allow military support to pave the way for soldiers to smoothly complete administrative processes. A centralized calendar allows soldiers to make appointments and anticipate their deployment.

Through close collaboration during the design sprint, we were able to produce a functional wireframe in a very short period of time that laid the foundations for the beta version.