Digitizing industrial maritime inspection

- The Norwegian Maritime Authority -

Digitizing industrial maritime inspection

The challenge

The Norwegian Maritime Authority needed to make vessel audits and inspections less time consuming.

The authorities came to us with a challenge; every inspection they did took too long time to complete, and was too reliant on massive amounts of printed information. They needed a digital version, which could work even if internet access was unavailable.

The opportunity

To design and develop a new experience slicing the time and effort needed for each inspection.

The average time needed for a vessel inspection was 6 hours. The process required lots of manual tasks, and tiresome paperwork.

The project was a success with continuous quality deliverables. - Berner Koldal, Project Manager

  • 30% Inspection time reduced, from an average of 6 to just 4 hours
  • 100% Adoption rate by the inspectors, who expressed great appreciation

Our approach


Empathy with the users, the ship inspectors, and their actual needs was essential to successfully designing a product that would simplify their work.

We put focused intensely on identifying actual needs. All design decisions are seen in the context of business objectives and user tasks.

The whole team has on several occasions observed various inspections and experienced how workers relate to current work processes.

Our experience brief

The key guiding principles we use to drive our digital solution design approach

  • 1 #KNOWTHEUSERS Ethnographical research helped us build the right product.
  • 2 #SIMPLE Easy-of-use was the most important key to the success.
  • 3 #ACCESSIBLE Always available to best serve inspectors. When the Internet access is gone, the system had to work offline.

The result

A quick, simple tool that saves inspectors hours and improves satisfaction on the job

Working without Internet access on various ships and maritime vessels, inspectors now perform their audits and inspections, not being slowed down by paperwork and tedious documentation. The system synchronises everything once inspectors are back at the office, making the job 30% quicker, and the inspectors 100% happier.

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