Creation of an e-commerce platform

The need for an e-commerce platform

Founded in 1808, the Maison Henriot is an independent and family-like Champagne producer which has always sought excellence.

Initially, the brand did not have an e-commerce platform but only a mail order selling channel. The objective was to conceive a website allowing the brand to develop its image and increase its sales.

A project thoroughly prepared in advance

During several months, our teams led different actions:

- a series of workshops allowing to determine a precise strategic direction

- analysis of the existing platform

- interviews of key characters of the project

- a benchmark of the competition.

  • 3
    months preparation
  • 30
  • 42 300

A multidisciplinary team

We have built a lean start-up multidisciplinary team which has allowed to establish a UX methodology as well as simple customers’ paths.

The creation of a prototype has permitted to validate the concept of the Henriot e-shopping website.

The technical team has managed the entire development of the platform and its functionalities along with 23Prod.

  • 1
    Access through a form

    A semi-private access through a form

  • 2
    Creation of an account

    The creation of a client personal account

  • 3
    Responsive website

    A website that allows a fluid path, whatever the device

The result: an e-commerce platform, symbol of digitalization

This digital platform answers both Henriot’s strategic stakes and customers’ needs, allowing the development of the brand activity thanks to a digitalization of its shopping channels.