Be Experienced with Backelite Netherlands

At Backelite, we nurture company cultutre by building, things together on and off line.

Our team in the Netherlands recently took on the Ducktrail Rally to get to know each other better. Is there a better way to discover your teammates but behind the wheel..

We took on the Ducktrail Rally, with each team riding in an authentic Citroën CV2 (also known as ‘Ducks’) in ‘het Groene hart’ (a nature reserve within the Netherlands).

During the rally, teams would stop at pitstop to execute various assignments : from making our own ropes, guessing different flavors of cheese, blind parallel parking or answering a number of questions.

Teams had to navigate in different ways to go to the next location, without using Google Maps.
The rally wasn’t about speed, but it did spark some friendly competition amongst teams to arrive first at the next location.

The team outing is all about bringing our values to life Team Spirit, Fun, Modesty, Freedom, Trust and Boldness.

No winners, only happy participants.

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