Behind the Scenes

Big news! Backelite becomes Idean as we join their global network

Capgemini Invent’s design firms come together.


We’ve come a long way since our founding in 2006. For over the past decade, our strong tech DNA has been guiding us in creating digital experiences and cutting-edge mobile applications. This is the same DNA that continued to guide us when, in 2014, we moved towards service design.

And now, we’re joining Idean – a global collective of thinkers and makers that believe in the power of design to enrich the human experience.

Idean was created in Finland 20 years ago, and has since gathered more than 300 designers across the European and American markets. They work to solve big business challenges, evolve organizations, and unlock new market potential. Their clients are similarly diverse to Backelite’s, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and they have some incredibly exciting work under their belts:

– For Cisco, they implemented a design thinking strategy which now is an integral part of their ways of working.

– For Ericsson, they created an immersive audio and video experience that took their experience with virtual reality to a whole new level.


Bolder futures: with our tech DNA and Idean’s strength in innovation and strategic design, our work will be bolder than ever.

So how will we come together? Well, we already share similar values and ways of working, and our clients and projects are complementary – a pretty good starting point!

We will hold onto our tech DNA, and all our existing know-how and talent. Because it’s more than an expertise in tech – it’s the assurance that what we design is what will be developed. None of that is going away. We’ll continue to maintain this balance between design, business, and technology.

Our ambition for the coming months? To help even more clients across the world achieve their ambitions, and continue to deliver impactful projects which we’ll all be proud of.


Our clients will benefit from an innovative network of thinkers and makers, from the US West Coast to China.

Capgemini Invent will now have a single design offer under one unique brand: Idean. From January 2019, Idean becomes THE design agency of Capgemini Invent, and we will happily and proudly represent Idean in Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, China, Singapore and France – Capgemini’s main market.

We now have colleagues and friends spread out over 4 continents. All together, that’s over 700 of us located in 25 major cities. That means more talent, more capability, and a more global outlook!


Discover Idean here: