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Digital Learning Hub wins Innovation Award!

May 9, 2018

The Digital Learning Hub, a project by Tata Steel and Capgemini, has won the Innovation Award at Tata
Steel. GIS (Group Information Services) promotes and recognizes examples of good performance/excellence
from across the GIS organization at Tata Steel. Awards are presented in 5 categories: customer focus,
responsible steel, innovation, value chain excellence and leadership.

About the hub

The TATA Steel Digital Learning Hub is a hub, built in the Office 365 platform, to create digital awareness
within Tata Steel Europe. With a focus on digital innovative solutions, the platform showcases practices with
innovations at Tata Steel. It also offers information about the digital innovations (AR/VR, Robotics, Cloud,
Blockchain, etc.) to people who are less tech-savvy.

Kudos to the team!

The team consists of colleagues from the Capgemini Academy (Petra Hendriksen, Leanne Pantjes, Rob
Bartelds), Account team (Ward de Vin), ADM (Bas Wienen), CSD (Jacco Verduijn), BTech (Moniek van der
Liende), DCX (Thanh Quach), Backelite (Arno van der Hulst, Barbara van Griensven, Corné van Dooren),
Tata Steel GIS, and Tata Steel Academy. The team has a focus on various defined user groups and is
constantly collaborating with the user groups to enrich the Digital Learning Hub.

The Digital Learning Hub started last year as a Proof of Concept, then became a Minimal Viable Product and
the team is now working towards the full product—winning the Innovation Award in the process.

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