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Adobe Creative Meet Up

We went to the Adobe Creative Meet Up in Paris at the end of November, and we were far from disappointed. Read on for an overview of the Meet up’s highlights. 

The winning duo: Sensei and Adobe XD

Adobe gave us an update on their latest developments, here are the two that impressed me the most:

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is a new technology developed by Adobe which combines artificial intelligence and automated learning with their enormous database.

It can analyze an image and present other images of the same type (for example, it will recognize the object shown, the colors, the camera angle, etc.).



The demonstration made me want to test it some more!

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Adobe XD

At Backelite, we have obviously been following the development of Adobe XD very closely, and for the time being we find that too many things are still missing to be effective in production.

Here is the news that was announced:

  • They concentrated on performance
  • They re-introduced layers because this was strongly requested by the community
  • A Windows version will be available soon

Above all, I remember that XD will integrate the shared CC libraries soon, and that in 2017 they expect to focus on collaborative work in real time (a little like Figma), which in the end could make this a really powerful tool!

After the news, some creative talents came to talk to us about their work.

Arnaud Montagard

Already at the age of 25, Arnaud is a talented photographer. He presented a series of street photos in which he wanted to capture the look of people at the moment when they noticed the presence of the camera.



He also told us about his “Projet Disconnect“ experiment. Adobe sent 5 photographers to the 4 corners of the globe to take photos, and he was able to follow the hunters in Quebec. He was able to take away an authentic, magnificent series about their daily lives.

See more (it’s really worth it).

François Peyranne

To the question “should an AD touch everything?” François Peyranne would certainly respond “yes” without hesitation. Posters, videos, photos, 3D, animation, digital… Nothing stops him, and he has done everything.

He presented numerous projects to us and, as he says, “the experience of the project is often more exciting than the result”.

Petit Bateau Ad

A perfect example: the Clip/Ad for petit bateau for which we had to recreate Izia Higelin’s entire childhood even though she only had 3 photos to start with. He therefore had to find little girls of all ages who looked like her and then do a weekend of shooting and photo retouching to have enough material for the clip…




The fact of mastering all the steps of creation (most notably in 3D here) enables him to do tangible things that can be produced.


He is able to show his graphic research (in the form of mood boards) and then a possible result in his proposal.

See the results

My little Paris

Though not a “digital native”, he had to make a viral video.

They worked as much on the background as on the form (how one redefines luxury, the Parisian…).

The result (here) is light, poetic and sensitive.

In this business, you have to constantly reinvent yourself.
Learn more (because this guy is really a genius).


Specialized in publishing, the press and visual communication, Cruschiform loves to work with colors, geometry and modularity.

Her workflow: to first define the color range and the rhythm of the image by macro-zoning. Then she goes to Illustrator to draw each object, then compose them like paper cutouts. Finally, she goes to Photoshop (with brushes) to bring texture and warmth to the illustrations:




She too has evoked the importance of personal projects to develop and reinvent herself (moreover, one sees on her site that her style evolves regularly based on projects).

Feast your eyes on her work:


What a joy it was for me to see one of the creators of Pop Corn Garage in the flesh!

For those who don’t know it, this is a site displaying a large photo montage in which myriads of film references are hidden. The goal is to find all of them!

This project was conducted for 5 years before getting out of it, and he didn’t really expect such a success.

Priska is a good mix of Art AND technology (he attended Epita, the IT intelligence school), and it is impressive to see how well this works. He also developed thanks to his personal projects which served as a sandbox to affirm and promote his creative side.

He spoke to us about his passion for dance which also fed his artistic work, most notably with this magnificent video

Recently, he also applied himself to calligraphy, writing one word every day (and when he speaks of it, it really seems so simple that one wants to do it too).



In short, this is a real, very passionate artist:


Adobe’s communications strategy is really great at organizing this type of event: to make those who use their software dream and engage, letting them speak about their recognized talents.

The various speakers all insisted that using the new technologies (digital, 3D printing, virtual reality ….) enabled them to become ever more creative.